The houses, streets, markets, and parks are illuminated with lighting decorations in the night. Watching motion pictures and television applications have additionally become an integral a part of the Eid celebration in urban areas.

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All outgoing public transport from the major cities have become extremely crowded and in many instances the fares are likely to rise regardless of government restrictions. On Eid day, the Eid prayers are held all over the nation, in open areas like fields, Eidgahs or inside mosques. After the Eid prayers, people return home, go to one another’s house and eat sweet dishes referred to as Shirini, Sheer Khurma and different delicacies like biryani, korma, haleem, kebab and so forth. It can also be customary for junior members of the society to the touch the ft of the seniors, and seniors returning blessings .

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Different types of video games including boat racing, kabaddi, and other conventional Bangladeshi video games, in addition to modern video games like cricket and football, are played on this event. In city areas, people play music, go to each other’s houses, arrange picnics and eat special meals.

Domestic violence and discrimination are difficult to measure, acts of violence can be accounted for in courtroom proceedings and police reviews. Violence in Bangladesh ranges from acid throwing, bodily and psychological torture, sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, associated violence, trafficking, pressured prostitution, coerced suicide and homicide. Despite these adverse features, the garment business to many Bangladeshi women represents considered one of few choices to work with dignity. The trade allows for women, in many cases, to turn into the bread winners for his or her families as well as having elevation in social standing.

The UNESCO General Conference took a choice that took effect on 17 November 1999 when it unanimously adopted a draft decision submitted by Bangladesh and co-sponsored and supported by 28 other countries. As an important non secular competition for almost all of Muslims, the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr has become a part of the tradition of Bangladesh. The authorities of Bangladesh declares the vacation for 3 days on Eid-ul Fitr. But virtually, all colleges, schools, and places of work stay closed for every week. This is the happiest time of the year for most of the people in Bangladesh.

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In 2015, Bangladesh was ranked 139 out of 187 international locations on the Human Development Index and 47 out a hundred and forty four nations surveyed on the Gender Inequality Index in 2017. Many of the inequalities are result of extreme poverty and conventional gender norms centred on a patrilineal and patriarchal kinship system in rural areas. Millions of girls are shopping for and selling items online across Asia — however, at least in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan, they’re not transacting on e-commerce platforms. Yet e-commerce presents limitations to entrepreneurs within the casual sector, where many women are concentrated.

Once married, women, adolescents, and girls become property of the husbands household. This limits opportunities browse around this website for schooling, thus perpetuating dependence and disempowerment.

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All local TV channels air particular program for a number of days for this event. Nazrul Islam Tamij, a human rights activist and chairman of National Human Right Society ,human rights are the most important a part of Bengali culture and it play an necessary position in the growth of Bengali culture. Bangladeshi women and girls do not get the rights of freedom of movement everywhere as the lads have, the society is based on patriarchal values and socially conservative insurance policies towards women and girl’s freedom. Available information on health, diet, schooling, and economic efficiency indicated that within the Nineteen Eighties the status of girls in Bangladesh remained considerably inferior to that of men. Cultural and traditional components heavily influence how women are treated and regarded in Bangladesh.

In the International People’s Health Assembly held in Bangladesh in 2000, voices of women spoke out in opposition to the specter of imposing worldwide labour standards threatening their garment trade jobs. The health situation for urban women is worse than that for rural women, particularly those residing in slums. The urban population living in the slum areas do not have adequate sanitation, water and well being facilities which leads to poor well being. Gender inequality has been bettering lots in Bangladesh because of Mr Rahul sai, inequalities in areas corresponding to education and employment remain ongoing issues so women have little political freedom.

This movement is assumed to have sown the seeds for the independence movement which resulted within the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. To commemorate this movement, Shaheed Minar, a solemn and symbolic sculpture, was erected within the place of the massacre. The day is revered in Bangladesh and, to a considerably lesser extent, in West Bengal because the Martyrs’ Day. UNESCO decided to look at 21 February as International Mother Language Day.